Archaeo Gallery

The following pictures are part of my Archeo series. Some depict actual excavations such as Hadrian's Wall however, I have also abstractly represent shapes, areas and items I might see whilst excavating such as ditches, urn cremations and hearths. The brown and gold works are part of the 'negatives' series. It represents the process of inverting the colours of a survey or aerial photo to produce a clearer image of markings.

                    Abstract inspired by 2012 excavation    Negatives series - Inspired by 2011 excavation

                        Hadrian's Wall - The Refuge Huts           Hadrian's Wall - Commandant's House

                   Hadrian's Wall - Commandant's House      Hadrian's Wall - Commandant's House

                     The Roman plaster before it's painted!      Abstract inspired by 2012 excavation


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