About me

Phoebe Adair, 26, lives and works in Swindon, Wiltshire. Phoebe has studied Archaeology and has worked on a considerable number of digs in southern England including the recent excavation of a Roman villa near Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
During her last project, she worked with aerial photographs taken of the site by kite photographers and from the National Monument Records Office. This inspired her latest generation of work called Archaeoart or Arteology. The concept demonstrates an abstract representation of an aerial view of an excavation. Archaeological features of walls, trenches, hearths, graves, mounds, post holes and wells are incorporated into the depicted landscape. These features are also accentuated by the setting of real original Roman stone, kindly donated to her by the site excavation manager.
Phoebe continues to develop her inspiration from her passion for archaeology and is currently researching her next project which focuses on recreating individual groundbreaking excavations, such as Vindolanda, near Hadrien’s wall.
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